Our Services

Our Services

Straits Bunkering Pte Ltd is not just a provider but a partner in your maritime journey, offering a broad spectrum of bunkering solutions crafted to meet the diverse demands of the international shipping sector. With our hands-on approach and strategic insights, we ensure your vessels are powered and ready for the voyage ahead. Here’s what makes our services stand out:


The one you can trust.

A one-stop service provider for bunkering in Singapore, Straits Bunkering is in full control of its complete supply chain. Our clients can be confident of the quality and standards of our services and products. We provide efficient round-the-clock, first-class bunkering services to vessels of various types and sizes.

Here at Straits Bunkering, we adhere to firm mandatory procedures in place for pre-delivery, during and post-delivery checks.


Allow us to serve the best.

With years of experience, Straits Bunkering has in place well established processes and is fully equipped, to facilitate de-bunker / re-bunkering operations basis customers’ requirements.

In-House Agency

Improving your experience with our knowledge.

We can provide the best services to you as a reliable agent coordinating the port control requirements including but not restricted to:

Pre-call processes
Calling instructions
Registration of vessel with the relevant port authority
Handling of compulsory documents and correspondences
On arrival and round-the-clock


Your choice matters.

We provide de-slopping solutions with our comprehensive technical expertise; you can trust that our de-slopping process is safe and properly performed with our dedicated de-slopping barge

Risk Management

The solution you deserve.

Allow us to help you to manage your risks and operating cost in the long- and short-term outlook.
Share with us your requirements and we will do what we can to provide the best solution for you.

To assist you to lessen the risk of daily bunker fuel cost instabilities of the market; explore this option with us when you need to set your forecasted budget for a projected cost.

We recommend you the flexibility to lock in a fixed differential against an underlining floating price index.

We recognize the external impact contributing to the unpredictability of the market; let us care about your opinion. We will monitor supply and demand and recommend a direct deal to lock in at an agreed price basis the current market.

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At Straits Bunkering, we stand united not merely as an organization but as a pioneering team determined to reshape the bunkering landscape. Each venture we embark on is powered by a collective of skilled professionals, each contributing to deliver cutting-edge and lucrative outcomes in the fuel supply chain.